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Billy-Gay Davis

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My name is Billy Gay Davis and I currently teach PreAP PreCalculus/Trigonometry and PreAP Algebra II.  I use Remind to remind my students about assignments due and test coming up.  I record my lessons and post them to my channel on YouTube.  You can find my channel by clicking here or by going to YouTube and searching Billy Gay Davis.  I have two playlists, PreAP PreCal and PreAP Alg 2.  Classes are normally uploaded on the day they are recorded and correspond to the chapter and section in the book.  They are also described as to the skill we are learning.


Always remember that Math is a skill and the more you practice, the better you get.  If you struggle in math, it only means that you will need to spend more time practicing. 


I usually arrive at school around 6:50.  I also use this time to run to print shop and do teacher things.  If I am not in my room, please wait, I will be back shortly. 

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