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Heather Ferguson

Mrs. Ferguson

Pre-Algebra A and Senior Math

 Pre-Algebra A 

Email me if you have any questions.

We will be learning the TEKS for Algebra 1 as required by the State of Texas. We will learn half this year and they will take Pre-Algebra B next year to finish the other half and take the STAAR test that year. 


REMIND 101:  text 81010 message @bc4a9f    i will send out reminders for tests and important dates. 


KHAN ACADEMY has short vidoes on lessons we teach in Algebra.  If your student feels like they need extra help, feel free to check them out.   Click the link below.       

Senior Math

Senior math is Algebra 2.  We will follow the TEKS as outlined for the course.  

Heather Ferguson

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