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Wyatt Prejean

COVID-19 assignments are in Teams

Teams is accessible through Office 365 and you should have received an email with a link to your class. This is new for some of you, so I will post tutorials throughout the week to help you get access to your assignments.

How to submit assignments in Teams

Email me if you have any questions!  

. What I am providing is a packet of questions and an accompanying booklet. The booklet is the only resource you will need. I will need the answers provided on a separate document (Word,One Drive) and answered in COMPLETE SENTENCES and submit.  You will need to complete one page each week(front and back. If you want to write it on notebook paper I will need you to please either take a picture of your completed work and send it to TEAMS or bring it each Friday to the front office.


Due Dates Are As Follows (including past April 3 in the case we need to extend school closure)


Packet Page 1-Answer Questions from the American Revolutionary Era to the end of American Expansionism. Due Date Friday March 27

Packet Page 2-Answer Questions from World War I to the end of World War II. Due Date Friday April 3

Packet Page 3-Answer Questions from Postwar America to the end of the Civil Rights Movement. Due Date Friday April 9

April 10-20-April Break

Packet Page 4-Complete Important People of US History Section -Due Date Friday April 24

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