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Congratulations on making it to your senior year at Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School! We are so proud of you and we are looking forward to seeing your progress throughout your senior year. With college, work, or the military right around the corner, it is okay to be a bit anxious about this next step in your life. Many of you are unsure of what to expect your senior year and we all get that! Please know that LCM faculty and staff are here for you. Please shout out to any of us if you need help. We are on this journey together!

To start, you might ask yourself: What remaining credits do I need to graduate? What is the FAFSA and how do I complete this form for graduation? Which colleges are right for me? How do I go about contacting a military recruiter? Where does the job search begin? Where do I see myself in 5 years?

Class of 2021 packet – complete

What you need to know about this packet:
We hope parents and students will find this packet helpful. It contains information that you may need throughout the senior year. It is a ready reference, but it is your responsibility to check for updates and current information. New information will be sent out on our grade level reminder system called “BAND”, posted on the High School Webpage, and announced on the PA system.


Selecting a College / Interest Inventories

Applying to College

Testing Information

Paying for College



Physical & Mental Health Resources

Senior Plans

Senior To Do List


LCMHS Campus Calendar

Upcoming Events

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