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Dena Adkins


COVID 19 Assisgnments

Health Classes

All work will be done through Edgenuity.  Go to and login with your school email address and your password is your lunch number.  If you can’t remember your email it is the same username you use to login to any school computer followed by  Also, you can find your email info on Skyward. For those students who do not have access to the internet there will a procedure set in place for work pick-up at school.  I am creating a packet that covers Nutrition and Physical Activity.  Once a procedure has been established please come to the designated place and pick up the work and check out a text book.  

Students working on Edgenuity your progress will be tracked and you will be graded according to your quizzes and test.  You must work through each activity to get to the next one.  This includes watching all videos and presentations.  


Students will complete 4 “write ups” each week we are out of school.  The “write-up” can be anything that deals with health, sports, exercise and fitness or diets.  Be sure to include the source and the name of the article that you received your data from,  and the date it was written.  You can of course use the internet as a way to find articles or information but you may also use magazines and or newspapers. You can submit your finished work to me at my school email,  Make sure you include your full name and class period you attend. 

I hope you all take the neceassry pre-cautions during your time off and that you all delegate time to all of your assignments.  

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!



Dena Adkins

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