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Daily Schedule

2022-2023 Schedule: 

A days (Monday/Wednesday): 

Advisory: 8:05-8:40

1st period: Yearbook, 8:45-10:15

2nd period: English II, 10:20-11:50

3rd period: Yearbook, 11:55-12:35, 1:10-2:00

B lunch: 12:35-1:05

4th period: Journalism I, 2:05-3:35

B days (Tuesday/Thursday): 

Advisory: 8:05-8:40

5th period: Newspaper, 8:45-10:15

6th period: English II, 10:20-11:50

7th period: Conference, 11:55-2:00

8th period: English II, 2:05-3:35


1st period: Yearbook, 8:05-9:00

2nd period: English II, 9:05-9:50

3rd period: Yearbook, 9:55-10:40

4th period: Journalism 1, 10:45-11:35

5th period: Newspaper, 11:40-12:30

B lunch: 12:30-1:00

6th period: English II, 1:05-1:50

7th period: Conference, 1:55-2:40

8th period: English II, 2:45-3:35


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