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Wear To School:
Friday attire will be announced weekly. HB jacket only.

Pep Rally Checklist:
Jazz Shoes, Body Tight, Pep Rally Dress, Earrings, Performance Pony – NO bra straps/panty lines!
*Only natural nail polish colors allowed at any performance.

Football Checklist:
(Friday Uniform)
Make-up, Boots, Tights,  Uniform, Earrings, Hat, Tight bun @ nape of neck, Whistle (officers), bobby pins for hat

After AWAY games:
Parents can sign their Honey Bear out with Mrs. Wappler/ Mrs. Choate after the football game.  If a Honey Bear wants to ride home with someone other than their parent, please have your parent send a signed note stating so.

Parents picking their Honey Bear up from the high school should remain in contact with her and arrive in a timely manner.