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TSI Testing

Testing - TSITSI (Texas Success Initiative) Assessment

The TSI2 Assessment (TSIA2) is part of the Texas Success Initiative program designed to help a college or university determine if students are ready for college-level course work in the general areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. This program also will help determine what type of course or intervention will best meet each student's needs to help each become better prepared for college-level course work if not ready. Incoming college students in Texas are required to take the TSI2 Assessment — unless already exempt — to determine  readiness for college-level work. 

Students must complete a Pre-Assessment Activity before they can take the TSI. Students can take the TSI at LCM in the spring. LCM charges $5 for the math test and $10 for the English test. Ms. Brown in the Counselors Office coordinates the TSI Testing for the high school. Students MUST present a photo ID when they report to the testing room.

Students can also take the TSI at the LSCO Testing Center. Students will need to call and make an appointment and pay $10 for the math test and $15 for the English test prior to testing.

TSIA2 Resources link includes

  • A FREE TSI Web-based Study App
  • Student Information Brochure
  • Sample TSI English Questions
  • Sample TSI Math Questions
  • Sample TSI Essay Test Guide with Sample Essays

Review Exercises / Practice TSI Tests:

  • TSI2 Practice in Accuplacer (create your own account)
  • Student Portal Click on “Information for Students.” From the Student Portal you can:
    • Access tutorials for the highlighter, calculators, keyboard, and mouse so you can prepare for the test
    • Access and share your scores with institutions
  • TSI2 Practice Tests (get login/password from Librarian or Ms. Brown in Counselors’ Office). Click on STAAR & TSI Prep → TSI Placement Test Preparation. You can create an account inside Learning Express to save your work.
  • Free TSI2 Practice Tests (Updated for 2021)
  • TSI2 Math Practice
  • Online TSI Math Test Prep (not TSI2 when last checked – but has good math practice)

Scores on the TSI2 Assessment determine if a student is ready to take college-level courses. If college ready, a student may enroll in any related entry-level college course without having to take developmental courses or interventions. Test scores are good for five years. Students who have not passed both Reading and Writing prior to January 2021 will have to take the new English test.

TSI & TSI2 Scores

Students are EXEMPT from
individual areas of TSI/TSI2 testing
if any ONE of the following is met:


Starting Jan 2021 =
945 and a 5 on essay
if below a 945, a 5 on essay and a 5 on the Diagnostic
Before Jan 2021 =
  • SAT: Reading & Writing (EBRW) of 480
  • ACT:  Composite 23 with English 19
  • College Course: Earn a C (70) or better in one of these DE courses: English 4 DE, U.S. Government DE, U.S. History 2 DE through LU but not SFA since only Reading TSI was required, Health Science (PSYC 2314)

Before Jan 2021 = 
340 and a 4 on essay
if below 340, a 5 on the essay and a 4 on ABE Diagnostic

Starting Jan 2021 =
if below a 950, a 6 on the Diagnostic

Before Jan 2021 =

  • SAT: Math 530
  • ACT: Composite 23 with Math 19
  • College Course: Earn a C (70) or better in one of these DE courses: College Algebra and Trigonometry


Scores will be available immediately upon completion of the testing session. Students not reaching the college-ready scores above will have access to customized on-line learning.  A Learning Locator Code is generated at the conclusion of assessment that can be used to access TSIA2 Learning Resources. You may retake any or all sections of the TSI Assessment.

Students can now find your scores and share them with institutions through the
 Student Portal. Many colleges will provide forms/websites for students to complete to give the college permission to access the student’s TSI scores from the database. As this information becomes known, the links will appear below:


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