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TSI for Dual Credit


Scores on the TSI Assessment determine if a student is ready to take college-level courses. If college ready, a student may enroll in any related entry-level college course without having to take developmental courses or interventions.

Dual-enroll students may demonstrate that they are “college-ready” through TSI or may be exempt from needing to provide TSI scores if their scores on their STAAR, PSAT, SAT, ACT tests are high enough. PSAT and STAAR scores can only be used to demonstrate college-readiness for dual-enrollment classes. Those scores will not be considered once a student graduates. Students may also complete College Bridge math and/or College Bridge English.

LCM offers the TSI test to students in the spring. Students who have requested to take a dual-enroll course or its equivalent high school course will have an opportunity to take the TSI at either LCM or the LSCO Testing Center. LCM charges $5 for the math test and $10 for the English test. Ms. Brown in the Counselors Office coordinates the TSI Testing for the high school.

Students who want to test at the LSCO Testing Center will need to call and make an appointment and pay $10 for the math test and $15 for the English test prior to testing.

More information and study materials can be found here.


College-Ready TSI Scores

For Dual-Enrolled Courses,
students are EXEMPT from individual areas of TSI testing
if any ONE of the following is met:


945 AND a 5+ on essay
if below a 945, a 5 on the Diagnostic AND a 5+ on essay

SAT: Reading & Writing (EBRW) 480
ACT: English+Readhing 40 
College Bridge English

For Dual-Enrollment/Equivalent Courses:
STAAR: English II 4000
PSAT: Reading & Writing (EBRW) 460 


if below a 950, a 6 on the Diagnostic

SAT: Math 530
ACT: Math 22 
College Bridge Math

For Dual-Enrollment/Equivalent Courses:
PSAT: Math 510



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