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Getting Started

Q: How do I become a Bear Stage Player? 

A: Students interested in becoming a Bear Stage Player must have taken a Theatre 1 course either in Junior High or High School. Audition packets for the next year are passed out in Marchl and we hold auditions in April. 

Q: Are there other productions I can be apart of if I’m not a Bear Stage Player?

A: Yes! Our Advanced Theatre class performs at least 1-2 shows a year. Also, it is our goal to produce a Fall Musical every other year. Musicals are open to all students on campus. 

Q: What do auditions for the troupe consist of? 

A: All information is included in the troupe audition packet passed out in March. Students will need to fill out the packet completely and have two contrasting monologues (comedic/dramatic) ready to perform for the directors. The Director will have plenty of monologues available for students to use for auditions. 

Q: I made the troupe! How should I prepare this summer? 

A: Relax! It’s a busy school year. Generally, troupe packets are sent out right before school ends or over the summer. To improve your skills and artistic ability, there are several local student summer productions as well as theatre camps at colleges and universities you can attend. All of this information will be posted on the callboard in the black box. 

Q: What kind of time committment is involved?

A: Just like any extra-curricular activity, theatre requires extra time outside of school! Bear Stage Players typically rehearse in class during the Fall semester with after school rehearsals 3-4 days a week and Tech work days most Saturdays leading up to the production. These rehearsals will be shared with students in plenty of time. 

One-Act Play, Prose & Poetry require the most time outside of school. Rehearsals are usually Monday/Tuesday/Thursday for One-Act Play and Wednesdays for Prose & Poetry. These events take place in the spring starting in January and (typically) through the month of May. 

Q: What if I’m in other extra-curricular activities?

A: Totally understandable! We work with other organizations every year. Just know, time spent away from rehearsals places more responsibility on you to learn your parts! The #1 thing we ask from students involved in multiple groups is to communicate with ALL groups your schedule and conflicts. 

Q: Are any fees involved? 

A: The only required items we ask Bear Stage Players to purchase is their Troupe shirts and One-Act Play shirts. Show shirts will be available for purchase, plus BenNye makeup kits (this is for Theatre 2 students), and garment/duffle bags. 

Students in Theatre Productions will also need Dress Clothes for our Awards Ceremony during the UIL One-Act Play Season. This usually involves solid black dresses or shrits/jackets with 1 color to compliment. These colors will be provided to students well in advance. Any student that is unable to invest in dress clothes, will be provided for - No student shall go without! 

In the month of November, we also have our State Thespian Festival in Grapevine, Texas. This cost is typically $300, however fundraising will be available. 

Any other questions? Please feel free to e-mail Ms. Creech