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Orange Leader Athletes of the Year Recognitions (1974-Present)

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1974 None
1975 Dale McCall (AOY)
1976 None
1977 None
1978 None
1979 None
1980 None
1981 None
1982 Cazzy Francis (AOY) and Mike Perkins (Baseball)
1983 Homer Rhodes (AOY) and Greg Choate (Baseball)
1984 Homer Rhodes (Football), Anna Cooper (Basketball), and Derek Anderson (Track)
1985 None
1986 Mike Stewart (Baseball) and Troy Gilbeaux (Track)
1987 Troy Gilbeaux (AOY) and Brian Daniels (Baseball)
1988 None
1989 None
1990 None
1991 Kelly Colburn (Basketball)
1992 None
1993 Frankie Tays (Baseball)
1994 None
1995 Buster Ascol (Co-Football)
1996 Charlie Nichols (Co-AOY) and BJ Evans (Co-Basketball)
1997 Jason Throop (Baskball) and Beau Hale (Baseball)
1998 Leanne Stark (Basketball) and Jeremy Green (Baseball)
1999 Marcus Campbell (Basketball), Billy Burrow (Baseball), and Kim Riley (Track)
2000 Marcus Campbell (Boys Basketball), LaToya Lewis (Girls Basketball), Josey Kelley (Baseball), and Derek Knapp (Soccer)
2001 Melanie Hamerly (Girls AOY), Cody Davis (Soccer), and Katie Harrison (Golf)
2002 Stephanie Hyatt (Volleyball), Matt Day (Soccer), and Justin Boynton (Tennis)
2003 Kimmie Bayliss (Girls AOY), Jayme Powell (Volleyball), and Kristen Lanning (Soccer)
2004 Erica Sibley (Volleyball), Jonathan Davis (Soccer), Shon Landry (Baseball), and Cody Trahan (Softball)
2005 Erica Sibley (Volleyball) and Kayla Williams (Soccer)
2006 Seth Harley (Basketball), Cody Trahan (Softball), and Ryan Prejean (Golf)
2007 Julie Mason (Volleyball), Kayla Williams (Soccer), and Drew Bean (Track)
2008 Kevin Cooper (Basketball) and Craig Leger (Soccer)
2009 Kristine Sichtich (Volleyball), TC Scalfano (Soccer), and Brooke Brasseaux (Golf)
2010 Hunter Gonzales (Boys AOY), Christine Sichtich (Volleyball), and Garhett Bonneaux (Soccer)
2011 Hunter Gonzales (Boys AOY) and Garhett Bonneaux (Soccer)
2012 Hayden Reed (Boys AOY), Mallarie Hearn (Volleyball), Preston Armstrong (Basketball), Alex Sezar (Track), Raven Cole (Softball), and Brooke Brasseaux (Golf)
2013 Kaleigh Roy (Girls AOY), Raven Cole (Softball), and James Walker (Golf)
2014 Jade Piper (Co-Volleyball), Sarah Woods (Co-Volleyball), Ethan Reed (Track), Taylor Fraccastoro (Soccer), and Lauren Cox (Golf)
2015 Sarah Woods (Volleyball), Jonas Stchling (Soccer), Ethan Reed (Track), and Lauren Cox (Golf)
2016 Kayla Nichols (Soccer), and Lauren Cox (Golf)
2017 Kaitlin Avery (Volleyball), Ayson Simmons (Boys Basketball), Alyssa McKellar (Girls Basketball), Eli Peveto (Track), and Evan Toohey (Golf)
2018 Ally White (Volleyball), Katon Brown (Boys Basketball), Seth Brown (Soccer), Eli Peveto (Track), Renna Toomey (Softball), and Jack Burke (Golf)
2019 Renna Toomey (Girls AOY), Kayla Nichols (Soccer), Eli Peveto (Track), Brianna Frenzel (Softball), and Jack Burke (Golf)
2020 Ethan McCollum (Football), Chelsea Perry (Volleyball), Jesse Doucet (Basketball), Annabelle Fisher (Soccer), and Jack Burke (Golf)
2021 Annabelle Fisher (Soccer), Kollyn Brown (Track), Bailey Frenzel (Softball), and Jack Burke (Golf)
2022 Ashton Landry (Boys AOY), Da’Marion Morris (Football), Ben Elliott (Boys Basketball), Kylie Washburn (Girls Basketball), and Annabelle Fisher (Soccer)

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