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  • March 17 – Continue your OSHA training and I will contact you tomorrow. Log in to the following website - – using your Smartphone or a computer. Click on the Log In tab.  Click on SafeTec.  Type in your Username and then the Password is OSHA 123.



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Career and Technical Education 

Little Cypress-Mauriceville HS 
7327 Highway 87 North 
Ricky Viator, Instructor
Phone:  409.883.2232

Welding, sometimes described more as an art than as a craft,

is a modern profession with many faces and levels.

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Welding is designed to provide students10th through 12th grade with a basic understanding of welding and metal fabrication procedures. Skill development includes layout and measurement techniques, equipment operation and safety management. Students apply these skills in constructing a variety of projects. In addition to technical skills, students also develop advanced critical thinking, career development, applied academic, life management, business, economic and leadership skills required for entry into welding occupations.

Advanced students learn tool and equipment maintenance, prototype development and evaluation, industrial management strategies and employability skills. To enhance problem solving and critical thinking skills, students have the opportunity to build a more advanced project utilizing blueprints. Completion of a career plan as well as a competency certificate may lead to employment or college entrance. 

A common  misconception is  that you need a  Four-Year degree to obtain a high paying job.  However, once a student graduates High School and goes on to obtain a Certificate or Two-Year degree, they can start their profession as a Welder with little educational debt.  The Golden Triangle and all over the world is in great need of Welders.

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