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Kara Lacouture


WELCOME to Mrs. Lacouture’s Class Website

Speech-LCM High School/Theatre-Mauriceville Middle School 

Room 221 LCM HS    Room 5&6 MMS


Online Info:

If absent, please check Microsoft 365 Teams for online assignments. 

For students without internet access, please request work by calling the school and having the front office leave a message to 


Useful Links for Speech Classes:

Citation link 

Assignment Links: (Click on links to open assignment instructions)

Historical Address Speech

Link :

Persuasive Speech 

Mock Interview Project 

Career Interest Survey

Resume Example 

Impromptu Speech Assignment

Demonstration Speech

Informative Speech

Your Choice Presentation Assignment

Mrs. Lacouture’s Class Schedule   

Please be mindful that I teach on two separate campuses,  therefore I may not see/respond to an email until the following day. 

*Yellow indicates classes on high school campus, *indicates classes on MMS campus

Mon – Thurs LCM HS                                            Mon-Fri MMS 

1ST/6TH    8:05-9:35                                                         6th 1:25-2:14    Theatre II

2ND/7TH   9:40-11:10                                                       7th 2:18-3:07   Theatre I

Friday Schedule-HS                                                           8th 3:11-4:00   Theatre I

1st     8:05-9:00  Speech

2nd   9:05-9:50   Speech

6th    A Lunch (11:35-12:05) Class 12:10-1:00  B Lunch (12:30-1:00) Class 11:40-12:30

7th    1:05-1:50  Speech





Contact Kara Lacouture

Classroom Number:
School Phone:
Conference Time:
2nd Period 9:11 - 9:58

Kara Lacouture

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