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Denee Crawford Hurst

- W E L C O M E -

My name is Denee Hurst (formerly Crawford), and this is my second year with the battlin’ bear family. I am passionate about what I do and am so excited to finally be back at school and to see all the great things that my students and athletes will accomplish throughout this challenging and unusual year!


– W E B S I T E –

All of my classes will have materials updated daily on Microsoft Teams. Any student who misses class should check Teams to keep up with their work.

If you have issues connecting or finding work, please email me at


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- 2 0 2 0 – 2 0 2 1  S C H E D U L E -

      “A” DAY       TIME         SUBJECT
     Before School             7:30 – 8:00AM             AM Tutoring     
1st 8:05 – 9:45AM Pre-AP Physics
2nd 9:50 – 11:20AM Biology
– A 11:20 – 11:50AM      Lunch     
3rd  11:55 – 1:25PM Conference / Planning
4th 1:30 – 3:00PM Pre-AP Physics
5th  3:05 – 3:35PM Advisory Period


      “B” DAY       TIME         SUBJECT
     Before School             7:30 – 8:00AM             AM Tutoring     
6th 8:05 – 9:45AM Biology
7th 9:50 – 11:20AM Physics
– A 11:20 – 11:50AM      Lunch     
8th  11:55 – 1:25PM Biology
9th 1:30 – 3:00PM Girls Athletics
10th 3:05 – 3:35PM Advisory Period


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Denee Crawford Hurst

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