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STEM Academy


At LCM High School, our goal is to provide our students with a strong educational foundation along with the skills and tools that they need to begin pursuing their dreams for the future.  We know that in order to be successful in a technological society such as ours, our students will need to be collaborative and creative.  Industry tells us that our students need to be able to think critically and communicate clearly with their peers and co-workers.  For our students to gain these skills, we are designing curriculum where learning is active and based on real world applications.  We are forming partnerships with institutions of higher learning, business and industry, and local community members to provide our students with practical learning opportunities to enrich their educational experience.  We are expanding our course offerings to include courses that embrace technology and prepare students for careers in the STEM fields.  We are working with professionals in the STEM network ensure that we provide our students with a quality education that will prepare them to handle the opportunities and challenges that will soon come their way.

Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School wants all of our graduates to be college ready, career ready, and life ready. 

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Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School has formed partnerships with the following institutes of higher education to provide new opportunities for our students.

Stephen F. Austin State University:

LCM has partnered with Stephen F. Austin State Unviersity to offer dual-enrolled courses. Students may take College Speech, Economics, English, Theater Appreciation, U.S. Government, and U.S. History. Courses are taught by LCM faculty or through online or distance learning from SFA faculty.

The University of Texas at Tyler:

STEM education at LCM High School was founded through a partnership with the Ingenuity Center at The University of Texas at Tyler.  The Ingenuity Center supports STEM education across east Texas and works to provide professional development, student resources, and inspiration for students. UT Tyler has sent their STEM mobile lab to our student orientation, has provided a curriculum coach to help us develop our STEM Academy, provided grants for our teachers to attend professional development, provided materials for our robotics and engineering classes, and they provided training for our teachers in Project Lead the Way, a national engineering curriculum. PLTW has provided the training and curriculum necessary  for our students to be able to participate in four years of engineering coursework.

Lamar State College-Orange:

Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School and Lamar State College-Orange have a long history of partnering to provide dual enrolled course work and unique learning opportunities for our students.  We currently have students that are receiving college credit through LSCO in multiple courses and programs.  Many of our students have been able to earn their Certified Nursing Assistant Certification through this partnership.  Students may also enroll in the Emergency Medical Technician program to earn a certificate as an EMT. We have worked with LSCO to expand the number of courses offered to our students in their Plant Processing program.  LCM High School students are able to enroll in LSCO Plant Processing courses during their junior and senior years in high school.

Texas A&M University:

LCM High School has formed a partnership with Texas A&M University to offer a veterinary science program.  Students who participate in this course of study will be eligible to take the state licensing exam enabling them to work in the field of veterinary science. LCMHS has formed relationships with Veterinarians in our community to provide learning opportunities and internship possibilities so that our students can pursue careers in the field of Veterinary Medicine.


Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School has formed partnerships with the following businesses and corporations to provide the latest technological environment in which our students can work and learn.

Microsoft Innovative School

LCM High School has been named a Microsoft Innovative School and IT Academy.  As a district, we are working in a Microsoft 365 environment which allows students and teachers to work collaboratively to create, share, and store documents in a cloud-based platform. Being named a Microsoft Innovative School and IT Academy has enabled our students to participate in coursework that will allow them to earn certifications as Office Specialist through Microsoft. 

Other Technology Driven Partnerships:

LCMCISD and LCM High School have developed partnerships with several companies to enhance our ability to work and collaborate in a technology rich environment.  LCMCISD and LCM High School currently have partnerships and studies with the following companies:  Cisco Systems, NetApp, Cloudbearing, and Dell.  These partnerships, and the technology rich environment that they provide, will allow our students to have access to their work from any computer, create a platform for collaboration, provide every student with a secure email address, and give our students the opportunity to create digital portfolios of their work .

In addition to these partnerships and innovative programs our teachers are working with students to prepare them to be successful in the workforce.  Presentation skills, professional dress, and work appropriate communication skills are being directly taught and reinforced in the classroom.  Teachers in all subject areas are incorporating project based learning, a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge.


Little Cypress-Mauriceville believes that these programs and partnerships will benefit our students, teachers, and our community.